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Legalcity | Civil Law
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Civil Law

Among the various legal specialties we cover in Legalcity, is civil law. In our office you will find a full service guidance and advice on issues arising from personal or property relationships, whether natural or legal persons.

We will advise on various issues related to civil law, such as:

  • Verbal and ordinary procedures.

  • Civil Execution procedures.

  • Family Law: separation, divorce, civil partnership, alimony, custody, use of the family home, visitation rights, liquidation of matrimonial property.

  • Litigation and mutual agreement procedures.

  • Judicial procedures for amending the definitive measures. 

  • Resolution and contract termination. Claims for payment.

  • Execution of sentences.

  • Recognition of foreign sentences in Spain (Exequatur).

  • Actions of contract and tort.

  • Urban Leases and Horizontal Property: Preparation and negotiation of leases of housing. Eviction proceedings.

  • Legal defense against decisions of the Civil Register.


However, if you had any questions or concerns about these or other matters of a legal nature in which we could help, we invite you to contact us so we can help you in everything related to civil law.