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Rambla Catalunya 66, 2 B

08007, Barcelona
Email: info@legalcity.es
Tel:   (+34) 93 487 09 73
WhatsApp: (+34) 685 033 093
Legalcity | Quienes somos
quienes somos legalcity
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How we work

Legalcity, a leading firm in customer service

  • Consultation

  • EUR36,30/mo
    • 1 Visit/Consultation
    • On-site visit
    • Email
    • Phone
    • Skype/FaceTime
    • VAT included

The best option
  • Anual Contract

  • EUR70/mo
    • Visits/Unlimited Consultations
    • On-site visits
    • Email
    • Phone
    • Skype/FaceTime
    • VAT included

  • Consultation Online - Legalclick

  • EUR9,99/mo
    • 1 online Consultation
    • 2 email clarifications
    • Email
    • VAT included

Legalcity applies the minimum prices that guides Barcelona Bar Association (ICAB). There are three options:

Option 1: 36,30 Euros (VAT included) per consultation/visit.

Option 2: 70,00 Euros (VAT included) that gives you the right to make unlimited visits/consultations you want for a whole year with any of our professionals on any matter (immigration, criminal, labor, tax, commercial, administrative, civil…) on-site in the office, internet, via mail or telephone.

Option 3: 9,99 Euros (VAT included) through an online consultation. Filling out the form on the Online Consultation section, and no later than 48 hours (working days), we will answer your questions, with further entitled to 2 clarifications. 

If you can not come to our office you can contact us via video conference, email or phone as long as soaps quantities of one of the two first options that you have indicated.

These prices do not include any type of procedure. Depending on the procedure and if the practitioner believes it is appropriated, we will prepare a budget.

To make an appointment you could call us at 93 487 09 73.