Rambla Catalunya 66, 2 B

08007, Barcelona
Email: info@legalcity.es
Tel:   (+34) 93 487 09 73
WhatsApp: (+34) 685 033 093
Legalcity | Mission
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The Reason of why Legalcity

Our mission is to be the “Excellence in Immigration Law”. That does not mean to know and be just experts in immigration and “documents for foreigners”. It is much more.

It is to assume the challenge of being the solution for foreign people in Spain.

It is to understand the complex immigration phenomenon.

It is to implement an unusual ability and experience among the current law professionals, in order to be able to integrate each case within  the proper immigration law, more abundant than ever and plagued in few occasions of hidden criteria that are jealously managed by the Immigration Office.

It is to find the right solution knowing the complexity that imply being a foreigner in Spain applying accurately all the different branches of Law.

For that reason Legalcity was born.