In Legalcity we are aware of how important is for a foreigner a criminal matter.

Criminal Law includes penalties and sanctions that can cause serious changes in the life of a human being, as imprisonment or expulsion from Spain and therefore the European Union. That is why we give careful counseling and legal assistance to individuals and companies, exercising eiher the defense or prosecution in all criminal proceedings and instances.

Our advice also includes the defense of the interests of our clients in preliminary stages of investigation and prosecution before the Prosecution Office and State Security Forces, writ of amparo and requests for pardons. 

We will advise you on various issues related to the Criminal Law, such as:

  • Denounces and Trials.

  • Detainee assistance 24 hours.

  • Traffic accidents.

  • Reckless driving, no license, DUI.

  • Attacks against the Authority.

  • Thefts.

  • Personal Injuries.

  • Assaults and mistreatments.

  • Threats and insults.

  • Crimes against Privacy and Honor and Self-Image.

  • Narcotics trafficking.

  • Domestic violence.

  • Sexual Assault.

  • Possession of Firearms.

  • Murder and homicides.

  • Environmental Crime.

However , if you had any questions or concerns about these or other matters of a legal nature in which we could help, we invite you to contact us so we can help you in all aspects relating to Criminal Law.