Mankind is in constant motion, and an essential part of his composition are migratory flows that in this century have altered the social, economic and legal reality of the entire European Union, and especially of Spain.

In Legalcity we have been dedicated to the subject of Immigration Law since 2004, accumulating a lot of experience in this legal area.

Issues about residence and work permits, visas, effective entry into national territory, permanence in the territory of the European Union, access to the labor market as either an employee or a self-employed, house purchase, implementation of a business or company, permit renewals, etc., they are vital to enjoy a quality life with future projects. 

We will advise on various issues related to Immigration Law, such as:

Ciudadanos de la Unión Europea y sus familiares – CITIZENS OF EUROPEAN UNION AND THEIR RELATIVES
Régimen no Comunitario – NON-EUROPEAN UNION PERSONS
Estudiantes – STUDENTS
Procedimientos sancionadores – SANCTION PROCEDURES
Homologación de títulos – APPROVAL OF TITLES
Otros trámites – OTHER PROCEDURES

However, if you had any questions or concerns about these or other matters of a legal nature in which we could help you out, we invite you to contact us so we can help you in all aspects regarding Immigration Law.