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Legalcity is a team of lawyers specialized in Immigration, Criminal, Civil and Labor Law.


We are a law firm that offers a complete litigation service and exceptional legal representation to our clients, either in court, at immigration offices, La Generalitat de Catalunya, Civil Register, or the police station.

Our committed lawyers represent a diverse clientele composed of both private individuals and legal entities. Always trying to give the best service in different areas such Immigration, Criminal, Civil and Labor Law.

Our ability to find creative solutions for complex legal situations in the field of Immigration Law has been the hallmark of our firm since its foundation. If you have a legal issue, wouldn’t you like to have a team of lawyers with experience, who are personable and creative, and who  know how to protect your rights?. Then welcome to Legalcity.

Collaborate with us, law firms located in Madrid, The Canary Islands and the United States of America. We are a profesional Limited society registered at the Barcelona Bar Association, Volume 42321, Page 97. We have more than 10 years of experience during which more than 21.000 people from 102 different countries have received our services.  

In Legalcity we focus on you and your legal issues, not on ourselves, and we are there beside you every step of the way. We take the necessary time to get to know what your problems and concerns are as well as get to know you.

If you visit the section “SUCCESS STORIES”. you will see the most prominent cases that have been supported by our team of lawyers. You will see real cases of indemnities of thousands of euros.  

A statement which is frequently used by lawyers is “Do not take your customer’s cases as if they were your own”. For us this advice is pointless. Why?  Because if you come to us searching for help, and trust in us, then we must as best as we can to achieve the best results possible. You can relax in the knowledge that we will take your case absolutely personally.

Legalcity’s team is passionate, human, engaged, powerful, creative, responsible and aggressive.

Contact us today to allow us to utilize for you our experience of years of winning cases, and make it work for you. Ask us to book an appointment and we will be glad to help you personally.

From this website we already want to welcome you to Legalcity.