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Modification of Highly Qualified Professional to Temporary Residence and initial paid employment.

It is very common for holders of residence permits for highly qualified professionals to change companies during the term of the same to companies that do not meet the requirements to be able to process a new authorization of these characteristics.
One of the possible ways is the modification of the highly qualified to an authorization of temporary residence and work for others.
For this, it is necessary to take a year with the highly qualified to be able to fulfill the Immigration Regulations. In Legalcity we have achieved resolutions granting the requested authorization that enables you to reside and work in Spain.

Residence and Change of Company: Highly Qualified Professional
This residence authorization is valid for 2 years during which we can reside and work in Spain. It is processed by the Large Companies Unit and is regulated by the Entrepreneurs Act.
In this case, the Residence Authorizations as Highly Qualified Professional, unlike what happens with the Residency Authorizations under the general regime under the Immigration Law, are linked to the same company. We have the obligation to continue with the same job. In addition to continuing within the same company with which we manage this initial authorization.
What if a change of company occurs?
If we change companies, we have the obligation to inform the Large Companies Unit.
If we want to continue with this Residence Authorization as a Highly Qualified Professional, we would have to make an application. It would basically be an initial request, within the month following the change, indicating the change of company and justify that we will continue to perform functions and responsibilities of a Highly Qualified Professional.
When communicating this change, the Large Companies Unit will assess whether, in effect, we still hold that Residence Authorization as a Highly Qualified Professional.
In case of not having communicated that change, the Large Companies Unit could deny us the renewal of the Residency Authorization as a Highly Qualified Professional.